Our competent employees are the heart of NUSS

We know that and we're promoting it.For many years we have been training and providing for qualified young people. With regular training and further education, we ensure that our employees are always up-to-date in all areas as logistics service providers.

Our training program

Professional driver

Warehouse specialist

Businessman / Businesswoman

für Spedition und Logistikdienst­leistung

Dual study program

Spedition / Transport / Logistik

Room for individual development

Motivation is the strongest drive to develop and give your best. With this insight, we support our employees with individually promoting, goal-oriented personnel management and enable them to pursue a continuous career development

What employees can expect from NUSS

Skill enhancement and continuous education

You never stop learning. Regular training is essential, simply because the transport & logistics industry must continually adapt to new trends and customer requirements, but also to ever-changing legal regulations.

We support our employees according to their individual possibilities and offer regular skill enhancement and continuous education. This opens up individual career paths with attractive opportunities for advancement in a modern group of companies.

For professional drivers, for example, we carry out further training in accordance with the Professional Driver Qualification Act (BKrFQG) ourselves. Our fleet coach uses his own training concept to ensure that the five modules are implemented reliably and legally on time, usually well before the legal deadline. Of course, we assume the costs for further training and qualification.

Training and apprenticeships

With us, there is no such thing as boring “warehouse work”; the logistics industry offers exciting and varied job descriptions. More than 25 apprentices (m/f) are completing a wide range of apprenticeships with us: In the commercial area we train forwarding and logistics services clerks and warehouse logistics specialists. In the industrial sector, we train professional drivers or warehouse specialists. We also support the Bachelor of Arts study course in Forwarding, Transport and Logistics. We are happy to provide more information to anyone interested!

Assuming social responsibility

For us, these are not empty words – our business processes are accompanied by a strong sense of responsibility towards our employees. Equal treatment and respect for personal strengths and weaknesses are a matter of course for us. Furthermore, it is a special concern of ours to give people with disabilities a chance as well.

Gifted yet challenged (schwer-begabt.de ) is a management consulting and integration service of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The project aims to create more positive awareness of the topic of work with disability and thus improve the employment situation of disabled people.

In cooperation with the project team, we created a corresponding job in autumn 2017 and hired a severely disabled person. For our company, Marco S. has become an important employee, whose loyalty, motivation and dedication are indispensable. With respect, tolerance and fairness a lot can be achieved and is a very enriching experience for all involved.

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Family atmosphere and an appreciative approach

Even though we now employ more than 180 people, we maintain an open atmosphere in a family working environment. Respect and esteem characterize our cooperation.

With us there are no long decision paths, the doors of our management team are always and everywhere open. Through direct contact with our staff, we recognize individual development potential and promote it with appropriate qualification measures.

That pays off: Our employees feel at ease and have often remained loyal to the company for decades.

Open positions

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